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        WHAT IT IS

        1. Moist and refreshing formula without any stickiness
        This hand cream has a moist formula that covers the entire hands, moisturizing them and quickly absorbed without leaving any stickiness or residue.

        2. Long-lasting fragrance with semi-wax technology
        This product applied the semi-wax technology used in candles and solid perfumes, retaining the fragrance of Jeju for a long time as if you’re always wearing perfume.

        *SEMI-WAX: This technology is used in making candles, giving off a fragrance as the wax is melted at a certain temperature after trapping the fragrance inside the wax. The intensity and staying power of fragrance are improved, conveying a rich scent for a long time.

        HOW TO USE

        Apply appropriate amount on the hand and spread it all over the hand for moisturizing.


        1. In case of getting red spots, inflation or itching side-effects while or after using the product, contact a doctor right away.
        2. Do not use on damaged or broken skin.
        3. Handling and storage precautions:
        1) Keep out of reach of children.
        2) Keep away from direct sunlight.

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