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        Terms & Conditions


        What is Import Product?

        Import product is product that AnnYong.com import directly from oversea supplier at significantly lower price than local distributor. This enables KLDSLR.com to offer product at lower price with good saving to our customers. The different between import product and local product is just the warranty. Import product is having One Year KLDSLR.com warranty, bare the same warranty conditions as local set. AnnYong.com will pay for the cost to repair / replace an import product at KLDSLR.com own cost when warranty claim / repair is needed. Product wise, import set is exactly the same as local set.


        AnnYong.com Warranty product (Import Product)

        For KLDSLR.com Warranty product (Import Product), it means that the product is usually a direct import from oversea. KLDSLR.com provides a warranty identical to the provisions and limitations of the manufacturer's warranty for such items, with the exception of the time period, which is equal to the term of the manufacturer's warranty or one (1) year or as stated on the product page during the time of the purchase, whichever is less. Your warranty card and/or sales slip must accompany all items. In case of warranty claim, customer needs to send the product to KLDSLR.com address in Selangor, Malaysia, at his / her own cost. KLDSLR.com will return the repaired product to customer at our own cost.


        Original Manufacturer Warranty product

        For Original Manufacturer Warranty product, it means that the product is covered under original manufacturer warranty. Buyer will be provided with the official warranty card by the manufacturer. All items needing repair (other than Import Product) should be sent to the manufacturer/distributor directly for service. KLDSLR.com is not liable if the manufacturer/distributor fails to perform warranty service. KLDSLR.com will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale or use of any merchandise purchased from us. KLDSLR.com's liability is limited to the monetary value of the merchandise.


        Used Product Warranty

        Used product offering at KLDSLR.com has different warranty period as stated on the product page (normally from 7 days to 3 months).


        Return Policy

        KLDSLR.com reserves the rights to accept or reject the returning of a product. Not All Products are Returnable. Please contact us if you are unsure / undecided.

        Buyer must inform KLDSLR.com at shop@kldslr.com within 7 days of the SHIPPED DATE of the product if return is desired. Buyer must get approval from KLDSLR.com prior to returning a product.

        For approved returning, the returned product must be in its original unopened condition. KLDSLR.com will confirm with the buyer for the returning arrangement and buyer must ship the product back to KLDSLR.com at his/her own cost. Buyer will take full responsibility of the product damage/lost of the during the return shipping, thus is advised to use insured courier shipping (PosLaju, Citylink, Fedex, DHL, etc.).

        Buyer must ship and return the product to KLDSLR.com within 7 days after receiving the return confirmation.

        Restocking Fee: Unless the product is defective or the return is a direct result of a KLDSLR.com error, a restocking fee of 15% + Shipping Cost (RM10 or actual shipping cost, whichever is higher) may be charged on hardware, accessories, peripherals, parts and unopened software still in its/their sealed package, and on software that has not been downloaded if the software is delivered electronically.

        For a faulty or defective product found within 7 days of receiving, KLDSLR.com will pay for the return shipping cost (compensate as shopping point to customer's account at KLDSLR.com). Customer must inform KLDSLR.com within 7 days of receiving the product. For products older than 7 days, customer will have to ship the product to KLDSLR.com for warranty claim at his / her own cost.